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Post Care

Just completed my Dermal Filler Treatment! Now what?


Right after the treatment, your skin will be red and tender depending on the areas of injection. Please review the following instructions below:


⁃ Do expect swelling, bruising in the area of injection, especially in the lip area. Icing can be done day off. Polysporin Triple Antibiotic is part of the post care for the next 2-3 days


⁃ Do take Tylenol for mild pain relief, please avoid Advil as it is a blood thinner and can prolong the filler process. ⁃ Do be patient with this service as it does take two full weeks for full settlement


⁃ Do not touch your face for the rest of the day which would include no showering, washing, showering, serums or creams until the following day


⁃ Do sleep on your back, not on your face. Place a few pillows below your head to sleep with your head elevated.


⁃ FOR NOSE AREA: do not wear glasses for three days


⁃ Do not consumer salty or spicy foods as it can increase the swelling in the area of injection.


⁃ Do not wear any make up until the following day


⁃ Do not exercise until the following day


⁃ Do not consume any alcohol, aspirin, Advil, Fish, Fish Oils, Green Tea, Ginkgo Biloba, St. John’s Wort for 24 hours (all blood thinners)


⁃ Do not remain in the sun or anything heat related (jacuzzi, hot yoga, saunas, hot showers) for 72 hours. In general, heated items should be avoid as must as possible as it will effect the longevity of the product.


⁃ Do not reuse your face masks, please wear a new one always for the next two days. VERY IMPORTANT FOR NOSE INJECTIONS.

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